The Next Era of Psychometric Testing

Rigorous Science Captures True Personality

The tasks in the assessment of Arctic Shores are developed from research experiments founded on psychological, cognitive neuroscience and computational neuroscience principles of human behaviour. We have carefully replicated these experiments in the app-like interface, ensuring they maintain their scientific rigour.

Scientific research has shown that behavioural variations among individuals completing these tasks map to ‘real-world’ observable differences in personality traits and cognitive ability. By capturing authentic behaviours, we can objectively distinguish between candidates on a wide range of traits.

It's Beyond Your Imagination


Arctic Shores’ psychometric tests gather up to 12,000 data points on each candidate's natural areas of strengths and potential, which are reflective of workplace behaviours.

Hiring Efficiency

Arctic Shores’ objective and transparent algorithms ensure that minority groups are not disadvantaged at the assessment stage, contributing to a more diverse workforce.


Over 85% of candidates say Arctic Shores’ engaging and less stressful assessments reflect positively on the prospective employer.

The Proof Is In The Numbers


Fortune 500 approval


Candidate satisfaction rate


Reduction in cost to hire


Improvement in the quality of selection

Trusted by the International Famous Companies

About Haneo

Haneo is changing the way companies hire by measuring talents’ potential.

As exclusive accredited partner of Arctic Shores in Great China, we use psychometric assessments, gamification, machine learning, data analytics and behavioural psychology to assess talents’ potential against the best predictors of success and culture fit.

The result is a psychometric profile built on max 12,000+ data points and validated neuro-scientific foundations. A game-like  format for data collection was chosen both because it appeals to a broader section of society, encouraging social mobility, and because it measures actual behaviours not projected or anticipated responses.

Arctic Shores’ gamified psychometric assessments have been successfully deployed by a number of leading organisations, and reviewed by leading academics at Oxford University, Goldsmiths and Loughborough University and follow British Psychological Society standards.

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