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    Game-based Behavioural Assessment

    What is GBA ?

    An epoch-making product

    Extreme innovation that breaks tradition

    More accurate, More interesting

    It’s an assessment without the questions. We’ve replaced them with interactive tasks in a mobile-friendly design. So you can see your candidates’ aptitude, cognitive ability and unique behaviour in action.

  • What you'll get from us

    Break through the traditional tools

    We design assessments with zero questions. Instead, they use interactive, mobile-friendly tasks – a type of game-based – to measure candidates’ work-relevant behaviour. All powered by valid, reliable neuroscience.

    Evaluate candidates more fairly

    This new approach lets you see more in every candidate, while giving them a fair, engaging and rewarding experience.

  • How it works


    Invite your candidates to take the behaviour-based assessment

    The second

    Candidates intuitively respond to a series of tasks, designed to capture traits like creativity, learning agility and resilience

    The third

    Their responses are translated into thousands of data points

    The fourth

    These are automatically matched to a ‘fit profile’ – a bespoke list of ideal behaviours for your unique needs

    The fifth

    You’ll see a ‘fit score’ for each candidate, indicating their likely suitability based on their performance.

  • Science and benefits

    The science

    Our assessment reimagines established clinical experiments in a simple, engaging format. Following the strict standards set by the British Psychological Society, the team uses machine learning to translate real human behaviour into a reliable ‘fit score’ – so you can trust the outcome, every time.

    The benefits

    See more – Behavioural insight lets you see beyond experience to measure real potential. For faster, more predictive hiring.


    Assess fairly – With no questions, the assessment cuts out bias and promises no adverse impact. Give every candidate the same opportunity.


    Engage your candidates – The questionless format means less stress and higher engagement, reflecting well on your brand.


    Make it yours – Customise the assessment and reporting to suit your unique brand.


    Integrate it – Enjoy smooth integration with your ATS.

  • The stats


    Almost 2m candidates assessed


    Eight in ten candidates actively enjoy the assessment


    find it to be less stressful than traditional tests


    reduction in time to hire

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